The Capture of “DAVE” 53LB FROM BLUEBELL COMPLEX – by Richard Ince

The Capture of “DAVE” 53LB FROM BLUEBELL COMPLEX – by Richard Ince

After a reasonably slow start to the year I was keen to
spend a bit of time on the lake through the summer months to try and trap one of
the A Team.

Watching the weather forecast for the weekend I knew it
was time to fish in NE corner as the wind was going to take a fresh turn and a
good drop in pressure. It had been very warm all week and the forecast was for
thunderstorms for Saturday and potentially Sunday.

After arriving at the lake I was quite surprised to see
most of NE half of the lake free and fish milling about all

Very quickly moving into a well known swim with two
gravel humps in the middle of heavy weed bed my plan was set. The two humps were
quickly located with one or two casts, the rods walked out and then dispatched
to the back of the gravel area.

A few spombs of mixed particle and crushed boilies
(mainline) tightly baited and the traps were set with minimum

The rigs consisted of the AAS 15lb floro Carbon hook-link attached to a simple in-line drop off system and at the business end a size 4 curve shank with a small critically balanced (mainline) bottom bait.

Nothing really happened for the first 12 hours but the fish were certainly in the area and visiting the spot.

After an early morning wake up call with the rain beating down on the brolly the fish seemed to be reacting to the changing conditions and the very angry looking clouds.

Closely watching the spot for a hour or so I was sure the spot was been turned over with lots of bubbles and flat spots hitting the surface. Sure enough about 40 minutes later the left hand rod let out two to three bleeps and the indicator dropped and then the line tightened again.

Once on the rod the line pulled out of the clip and I knew I had a fish on. After a slow heavy battle through the weed I topped the fish in front of me and saw the famous head of a very large carp (Dave

Photos and weighing done quickly and the rod re-baited (AAS funnel web) and recast to the spot.

Nothing really happened for another hour or so but once the rain slowed the right hand rod ripped off and after a much more desperate struggle through the weed a very angry 35lb common was safely in the net.

The rest is history and the weather turned warm and the fish spread out in the upper layers around the lake.

Tight Lines