Combi Rig of the Month – June 2016

The combi rig without doubt my favourite rig. It gives you so many options.

It can be used for popup, wafter`s, and bottom bait presentation. But my favourite way of using the combi rig is using it with a popup which is popped up 1cm off the bottom.

Whether using bottom, wafter or popups I always use putty as it helps make the hook turn and gives you amazing hook holds. As all rigs things need to be kept simple but effective and must always use reliable end tackle.

I have find that all the terminal range from AAS ticks the boxes and more. What is so good about this rig is that it if a carp does manages to eject the rig, the rig will reset itself due to the stiff boom and will be waiting for the next unexpected carp to slip up.

I also find this rig works very well with a size 4 predator curve and with a running lead clip system, as the carp find it very hard to deal with the stiffness of the rig but also the running rig makes this rig have great anti ejection properties for the carp to deal with.

This rig can also be fished with different scenarios from a spread of boilie or over particle. Making this rig a good all round rig. Why don’t you try it yourself the results will speak for themselves.Tight Lines Stuart Mellors