Hook Ring Swivel Bait screw

Hook Ring Swivel Bait screw


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Advanced Angling Solutions Hook Ring Swivel Bait Screw, has been developed over the last eighteen months, improving on existing models on the market. Our bait screws have been developed with an elongated pyramid style point with a five-threaded screw section, this helps keep purchase on the larger pop ups on big chucks, but equally the screw is still at home attaching small pop ups, as the screw does not puncture through the outside of the smaller baits.
The Plastic Housing has a two-tier step above the hook ring swivel to allow thumb purchase to screw the bait on, without smashing the plastic housing.

The Hook Ring Swivel Bait Screw gives your hook full 360-degree rotation, which in turn gives your hook bait full movement; this screw can be attached to a hook bait in seconds!

A great New Product from Advanced Angling Solutions that would be at home in any serious carp angler’s armoury.




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