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The INCISION Hook within the Advanced Angling Solutions Predator Carp Hook Range has all the key features of the leading Super Large Gape hooks on the market with a few subtle improvements. The hooks themselves have all the characteristic key features such as a 30 degree down turned eye and a Straight point which is Parallel with the shank. These features help with both hook turning and holding. The INCISION Hook is designed from the latest cutting edge, low friction coating technology. They are unrivalled for strength, sharpness and durability. . The extra wide gape, elongated shank, 30 degree down turned eye and Straight parallel point nails them every time. The eye is in-turned 30-degrees to flip the hook over quickly and is considered the ultimate turning pattern when faced with rig wary carp . This is a modern day classic without doubt. Produced in super high carbon steel, the pattern is medium heavy forged for maximum strength and has a non-glare, ultra slick PTFE finish for improved durability. This pattern can be used for a number of presentations, whether that’s boilie, particle fishing or floater fishing. Carp find this pattern very tricky to eject due to its properties which drives centrally into their bottom lip. The INCISION Hook can be relied upon to turn over and provide a secure, correctly located hook hold virtually every time. The entire range uses a dull, matt coating, in the original dark slate grey colouring. This PTFE treatment makes the surface of the hook noticeably smoother. In turn, this aids penetration and also prevents the hook from rusting. Consequently, this makes them last an awful lot longer. Not only this, it also camouflages them into the lake bed. Having seen how the carp react towards your end tackle, removing the glint from your hook is imperative in inducing consistent takes. Hook design was at the forefront of interest for the lads at AAS and the predator carp hook range is the result of over a 100 cumulative years of carp angling experience on and off the bank and many, many carp later. Having been field tested by hook experts, you know that they’re perfect for the job. Of course, we believe that our hooks are the sharpest out there, and our stringent quality control means that they should stay that way! The range now includes a pattern to suit every form of carp fishing; whether that is bottom bait rigs, pop-ups, zig rigs or surface fishing. There are subtle hooks and large, powerful hooks to target cute, wary specimens in the winter or huge, European carp in snags. We will continue to add to the range and develop it as and when it is appropriate, but rest assured, you’ll always be able to trust an Advanced Angling Solutions hook. Our subtle camo end tackle has been catching more carp for thousands of carpers. It’s those little extra percentage points that add up to the capture of a lifetime and having camouflaged hooks definitely counts towards having that season-defining session or gets you one step closer to that landmark carp. As with the rest of the Predator carp hook range, the INCISION Hooks have been packaged in a tough durable containment that protects the needle point on the hooks during transit and storage. Perhaps we’ve just created the ultimate hook range? We think so!!!

ASSESS ADAPT SUCCEED WITH Advanced Angling Solutions

AAS3303#2 – 2 Barbed
AAS3303#4 – 4 Barbed
AAS3303#6 – 6 Barbed
AAS3303#8 – 8 Barbed
AAS3303#10 – 10 Barbed

10 pcs per box £3.75

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Size 2 barbed, Size 4 barbed, Size 6 barbed, Size 8 barbed, Size 10 barbed


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