Special Offer

The Hinged Stiff Rig

is one of the most effective pop-up rigs to date. Offering the most consistent bait presentation of “pop-up” and buoyant hook baits there is. This rig is so famous due to it accounting for a vast amount of big fish over its time within the carp fishing scene

The Hinge Stiff Rigs effectiveness is down to a few key elements in its rig mechanics-

*It will reset after being mouthed by a carp.

*The Choddy Stiff Link hook section and “D” style loop and hook ring swivel not only allows the rig to enter the mouth bend first, it also rotation to catch and take hold, which in turn makes for great anti eject properties.

*By counterbalancing the buoyant hook bait so the rig settles lightly on the lake bed, with the boom section kicking the rig out away from the lead, the rigs effectiveness is maximised by ensuring the rig reacts immediately when mouthed by a browsing/feeding fish.

It is really important that the hinge stiff rig is used with a highly buoyant hook bait, one that holds the hook section upright, if the pop up does not need to be counter balanced (with tungsten rig putty) then they are not buoyant enough. Mould just enough putty around the rig to allow the hookbait to sink slowly.

If the 25lb flouro Descent becomes kinked it can be straightened by gentle “steaming it”. Also check the hook point from time to time to maintain the rig`s effectiveness.

Advanced Angling Solutions have put together the Hinge Stiff Rig special offer comprising of

  • 1 x Choddy Stiff Link (15lb/25lb) £3.99
  • 1 x Flouro Descent 25lb £6.99
  • 1 x Tungsten Putty £5.25
  • 1 x Choddy Hooks (4,6,8 barbed or barbless) £3.75
  • 1 x Rig Sinkers Clay Brown £2.60
  • 1 x Big eyed Swivels £2.25
  • 1 x Ring Swivels size 11 £3.25
  • 1 x Hook ring Swivels £3.50

Total RRP £31.58